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We had a tuff journey of experience of brand management

We think like no others.
Driving brand path towards right direction of growth.

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Rising Up

In the past, When Our Commander was born in 1976, The first 6 years of his childhood were full of happiness with spoiled life with his grandmother and her family, He was knowing his true Father and mother as visitors to his planet from time to time to see him but he didn’t realize that they left him cause of their own war that time. And they were afraid to grow him up in that circumstances as they were busy in their war on aliens.

Until His father decided to take him back after his war finished. His grandmother refused to give him back as he was the shine of the sun on their planet!

Once all negotiations had failed between his real parents with grandma, suddenly without notification they came in dark in one night and took him back by force in a red spaceship, leaving his grandma crying and all her sons and daughters left sad for too much long years till her death.


As a child, He didn’t realize what happened to him as he came to a new planet with different people and different life, filled with arrogance and fear. No Care, No Love, only work, war, and the king (angry father) punishes anyone not working in a proper way on his planet. 

The only thing in our commander’s favor was that his real mother as a queen taught him all the needed protocols and habits to make him the new king among his brothers from his father’s side. His uncle helped her a lot in her plan to make him the nest king for that heritage of the family and he taught him all the necessary skills to be a great worrier too. The king was taking too much care of education for him and so for his other sons and daughters but our commander was the best among them in that education and was too much dedicated and talented so he became the doctor of the family.

Although his mother was tuff and hard as a person, so far she was engaged in managing the kingdom with his father, She was the most reason that made him too intelligent and successful in education.

While she used to leave him all day alone to study all the day, In his break time he was thinking about how his world's presence and why is he there in that huge tremendous space! 

When he was studying many types of sciences, He was curious about who is the man he would be in the future?

And what is his real mission in life? 

Suddenly after 38 years from search in space, he found the answer.

He realized in late 2009 that, When he was playing during that responsible childhood with some globe particles on that planet he was creating great tools from that rocks and particles, He invented many innovations that made his father even proud in front of his kingdom community in that time. But he didn’t support him to lead his own way out of the planet’s atmosphere and while he was the youngest kid the king planned to make him the leader of his kingdom among all his sons.

But our commander never found the chance to create his inside dreams while he was living with his family and surrounding community as they raised him to take the lead for family heritage, He planned to leave that planet which was full of distractions and a non-productive future. He decided suddenly to travel to space and explore his own world and create his own success.

In 1999 He started the first trip outside and traveled for years and years in space tried many spaceships, and fought in many wars with different armies and different civilizations, while he was building his career in international companies he got too many degrees in marketing management ends with master degree, studied sales management, finance economy, and business administration Ph.D. as he passion about only to be a great marketer, till he found a place named Earth.

Watch The Thriller Describing 24 Years Journey 
In 2009 We took from London, UK the main base for us on Earth.

That Earth is the creative field planet.

Which directed him to use his talent of old habits of creating his own toys he used to do while he was a child, mixed with his education and knowledge, allowed him to be a creative director of a huge agency, and finally his passion came true to stop travel between dead planets.

In 2009, And with a chance to jump into a new adventure to discover planet Earth.

Our Commander just came from a trip to a strange planet he had never been there, He figured out that he has the courage again to a new trip to his real passion of work in the Marketing Communications field. While the too small trip doesn't matter for him to be considered as experience after his all successful track and multi -experiences in many fields like; sales management, marketing management, and project management.

He finally found the light at the end dark tunnel of 3 years of search to move on.

His passion finally appears after 9 years of work in a direction he didn't believe in, But he had to scarify with many things that appeared in that direction but maybe it seems normal for him with unbelief in its future, And without studying the opportunity and think too much of his scarifying he had to do, With neglecting to all thoughts and sounds in his mind of fear of failure or leaving the good life in the current planet.


He took the decision and got that small vague opportunity with all his courage and started the journey to the unknown and dangerous path in space.

Depending on only one thing [ His intuition on himself that he can drive the spaceship into Earth ] and proof to himself first and all who trusted his passion that he will succeed in that mission and overcame its challenges.

And with a small crew, he prepared the ship and drove the way to success.

A Spot on Screening of 13 Years On Earth

INTEGRATE had been created in space and Beyond Earth.

From a small creative boutique agency to Multi-Service one specialized in creative communications, event management, media planning and buying agency in middle east region.

From a small crew of management to several spread teams over the world.

From one small location to more than 12 offices We call them THE BASE on Earth.

From traditional implementations services of advertising campaigns to digital implementations.

We drive advertising campaigns with numerous creative thoughts in all its aspects, which leads us to be chosen with top international brand leaders in countries we serve in.

The Thriler

who love's us on earth?

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